Sunday, October 25, 2009

1 Year of MPP UMP Session 2008/2009

Assalamualaikum wbt Dan Salam 1Malaysia(the most famous words recently)

I'll try my very best to equalize my writing in both language either Bahasa Malaysia n Bahasa Inggeris. So far,the last 16 October 2009 was the last day of 1 Year MPP UMP session 2008/2009 term. A long journey for us,the young leader and the front liner:

  • #we face every issues ,we meet the student of UMP,we voice up the student welfare to the top management,we meet the Ministery of Higher Education,we attend so many seminars either local and international
  • #we left all the interest,we sacrifed the precious time of young age, we spend a LOT of money, we left the time with family...
  • #not to forget our beloved Assignments,Tutorials,Quizzes, Test,Projects,Final Exams( we're students rite?)
  • # indeed, there are more things do, 1 Year of MPP UMP was just a start for us. I have my own Target.Personnel Target. So many things I like to do,to start back,to fresh back All the things I left before.
  • #My fellow Friends, forgave me for All bad things I've done before. Lets we move the next Chapter, The next Episode.

My Beloved MPP's team

Delegasi MPP UMP wif Dato' Khaled Nordin at Parliment.

Me,Afif and Students Of UMP in Deklarasi Mahasiswa UMP

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