Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Aku Mencari Teman2 Mahasiswa Malaysia Yang Ke India...

Assalamuaalaikum wbt & Heppy Day for all readers
  • I'd love to Visit India Again with Full Sponsored
  • I'd love to go with my clicks again>>Raihana,Kamarool,Ika and Mr.Lai Jung Kong(where r u guyzz??)
  • I'd love to quarrel wif Singaporeans about any issues(Politic, The Freedom of Media,Law and Islamic Lae,etc). we have fun rite???
  • Between Mr.Lee Kwan Yew and Tun Dr Mahathir>> Which One better???
  • To Madam Rani, I miss u a lot and wonder to visit you One Day. send My Regards to both of your son!

Mr.Suffi,Kamarool,Mr.Lai Jung Kong,Ika and Raihana

The Iron Lady with 2 Handsome Sons( I Miss U Madam Rani)

madam Rani and Mr Suffi Behind Scene of Taj MAhal

Slums....everywhere in Mumbai!!!

Hey...who said Malaysian can't make friendss...I love Kids

Astaghfirullah...The beauty of Taj Mahal made by Syah Jehan

Raja From Jaipur with Raja Mr Suffi...

Helloo Inspektor Sahab...Live at Jaipur

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