Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm part of this history & I'm Proud!

Gambar ini diambil drpd Facebook PDRM:

See how many Malaysia accused us from very different angle.what a jokes!

1.On 28 April 2012, most of youngsters from different races walk peacefully and showing full support for Bersih Rally to fight for Free & Fair Election process. 1st of all,my apologies for the late response and my overview regarding Bersih 3.0. Since,lots of things need to be prioritize and lots of work haunted my day after Bersih 3.0.

2.My personnel view was fantastic and this historical rally made All Malaysian regardless who we are understand our basic human right in Constitution.

3.We are there,we see and we believe for better Malaysia!

I'm holding a poster states "( Dato' Seri) Najib,Walk your Talk Now! "People First"

We'll see then later onwards...Salam Ukhhwah from TTT!