Thursday, January 27, 2011

You Failed!

1. Jumaat 28 Januari 2011 Jam 8.30am

TTT was receive a call to bring along 15 Tanjung's neck tie,30 brochure of sponge jet and a piece of test card for presentation event at Maju Junction Holding meeting room. I woke up and prepared myself as fast as I can. I've got to delivered those goodies to Maju Junction meeting room before 9.45am.

2. Setapak Kuala Lumpur is a nightmare for me...

-TTT was stuck in traffic jam about an hour. Its rainy and I arrived at 10am.
-Now I know why all the KL's drivers are totally mad when they drive.

3. I entered to 21st floor of Maju Holding and waiting for almost 2hours at the receiption.The meeting was just started at 9.50am.

4.At 11.40am,the presentation was done. My bos walk towards me slowly with smiling face and just say a simple words:

"Suffi,hari ni u failed lah"......


Moral of stories: I HATE TRAFFIC JAM!Full stop~

Sunday 30th January 2011: OGSP course at Niosh Bangi
Monday 31st January 2011: Kemaman Site.



  1. lepas ni masuk KL nek LRT... biarpun mcm sardine tp puas hati, on time sampai...

    tp sakit kalau LRT breakdown...

  2. Aik, I thought org KL should have at least a trick up their sleeve in order to survive kot~ Ish..

    BTW, there is a shortcut to avoid using Jalan Setapak. *muka eksen* Go figure, Encik Suffi!

  3. salam suffi... bad job... but good lessons 4 u.. so lepas ni planning ur task la... haha... nasib baik boss x sound hang depan org ramai..