Saturday, March 6, 2010

What is The Think Tanker Think???

  • 1.Alhamdulillah,we managed to gather the big family of Mahasiswa UMP in Majlis Apresiasi Kepimpinan Mahasiswa. With our honourable guest Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah,Deputy Minister of Higher Learning Education inspired the members of the floor the important of being a student leader in University. Profesor Dr Ridzuan Nordin,Dean of Student Affairs and Alumni Department also here with us.

  • 2.TTT was really happy with the surrounding and the environment tonite.It was 'santai' or relax.We didnt talk too much of Politic Agenda. We do focus on the developtment of Student leadership.

  • 3.On previous day,I'd sms Dato' Saifuddin's special officer,Brother Shamsul about Dato's schedule on Saturday nite 6 March 2010 at Temerloh. TTT really wanna please the student leader how apreciate and important we to the Nation Agenda.

  • "Please do come and meet the frontliner of Student Leaders in UMP. The young leader really appreciate if u willing to come and speak your idealism."

  • 4.TTT really know the consequences and effect to the UMP Managemnet. How possible a student leader can invite the Deputy Minister of Higher Learning Education with couple sms and negotiations. It needs through The CEO of UMP n etc..bla bla bla. I dont bother of criticsm and mumbles.I do have my target and I've to deliver. Then,Dato' reply " InsyaAllah sy akn hadir.Tq bro."

  • 5.In the first place,I would like to say TTT didnt really happy with current situation.How certain officer in UMP didnt do much for the sake of MAHASISWA. They didnt wanT to facilitate or help the student and yet only make hard for us.I do really disappointed with UMP Politicking that really disgust and made me sick. Listen! Student Leader in UMP are really sincere or 'budak juruh'. We Engineers just wanna do our best and show that we also can do better than everybody withourt hesitation. TTT had discuss the issues with current MPM UMP and remind that MPM UMP didnt need a false guidance and hatred advise. Please...I'd listen enough with so call of birocracy. Enough of Birocracy and please do deliver.

  • 6.Dato' Saifuddin mention about the Gagasan Mahasiswa Peduli and the importance the new university like UMP has their own identity. We do wanna help the student and Gagasan Mahasiswa Peduli was not only for MPM UMP but it is the Agenda Mahasiswa. The whole Mahasiswa UMP need to understand briefly and try our very best to impliment to our club and society.

  • 7.TTT would like to express my salutation and thank you to my MPP siblings, MPP UMP session 2008/2009.  TTT never write my speech formally.Even a single one. I do remember during the Watikah Pelantikan in my term,I speak without text and I deliver base on what I'd need to say. My target,to bring back the Power of Suara Mahasiswa and put it to the highest place. My speech seems very weird since I didnt mention u guyz indirectly but really,I do really miss the day we work together and fight together and etc,Its really tiring me but also very fun and give extra experienced to me and the rest. I would like to say how important you guys to me in person.

  • 8.Foods are plenty,many peoples satisfied and gather with happiness.To Director of Majlis Apresiasi Kepimpinan Mahasiswa,Mimi and members,TTT would really apreciate what u guyz done.Listen,please,be more careful and as Student Leader,we do need a dynamic character inside us.Dont ever static and let us experiment till we succeed. To Aedlan Mr YDP MPM UMP, and the frontliners of MPM UMP, TTT would like to advise

  • a)Plz be humble,
  • b)Be your self
  • c)Remember to fight for the student welfare and
  • d)Be self efficient then the success will follow behind.
Wallahu'alam and sory for everything...

Mahasiswa Peduli!!!


  1. saya suka 'be self efficient then the success will follow behind'. nak minta izin nak letak kat blog boleh x? :)

  2. silakan...juzt put credit to TTT k.