Saturday, January 16, 2010

When Mahasiswa only see the darndest thing...they will blame MPP

Assalamualaikum wbt n Salam Mahasiswa peduli

  • 1.I'd like to respon to several comment given by my UMP ians from other races especially Chinese and Indian. you know, MALAYSIA is a democracy parlilamentary and contitiuion monarchy system. i bet all of my clicks will aware with this particular part. Every people are free to talk and voice up their opinion BUT they have to be responsible on what they talk.

  • 2.Islam is the constitition religion.other religions are free to practise their believe. Islam is just not a religion to be practise ONLY in mosque or particular places but we believe IT IS A AWAY OF LIFE.

  • 3.To all my UMPian and every person in Malaysia,please do respect and understand briefly the history,the constitution and any related source before u wanna speak up your mind.Dont hurt the sensivity of Muslim in UMP. i believe how close I am with my clicks from others races and religion. the problematic among us is how far the culture of hedonisme can get through in our beloved UMP.

  • 4.As a muslim,a practic muslim,a muslim who believe of peace,harmony and never pick of slice on issues which isn't worth to fight for.There are seveal comment I read from my friend's blog about the konsert Sinar Peduli.

  • 5.I strongly believe we have to make sure the activities done by anyone in UMP is following the UMP Core Values.Please respect and do understand. I will stand and contionously against a programmes that not goin to benefit the muslim and the student themsleves. This is my stand and I will said it without fear of worry bout the criticsm that will heat on me.



  1. it is sad really...but in reality, people is like that. unsatisfied by current progress, complaining a lot without any initiative to lead a change, and most likely hate, rather than showing support.

    Semakin materialistik manusia, semakin mati hati diorang, suffi. inila akibat to be fascinated too much about the world. hm. :/

  2. yup totally agreed...

    indeed we living in many kind of races dan religion.I do respect of others believe. Please do understand the implimentation and the position of Islam in Malaysia Contitution...

    Pemimpin Mahasiswa kena realistik dan mesti ada panduan bersyariat dalam memastikan setiap keputusan dapat menyelesaikan masalah...

    Mahasiswa PEDULI

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