Friday, January 8, 2010

This is a SAD history of all Malaysian...


  • 1.It was a shock and sad day for all Malaysian. The incident held at Desa Melawati,Hulu Klang.
  • 2.Stop of hatred politicking and keep Malaysia peace and harmony country.

The government need to act fast to avoide of this incident happened. The people out there please stay calm and let the authority do their work peacefully. Islam doesnt teach his believers to practise violence. Never hurt others who innocent.


  1. so shameful
    where is our 1Malaysia's spirit,people?

  2. definitely Kamal...
    1Malaysia shows no point if the spirit couldnt turn out peoples attitude handling the sensitive issues...

  3. Ya Allah..jauhkanlah dan lindungilah Malaysia dari sebarang kehuru haraan yg boleh mencetuskan pergaduhan dan peperangan..amin..

  4. i blame the jew*s. hahahahaha.

  5. marmalade: anti-semitisme is unIslamic my dear. i really hope its a joke.

  6. the idea of anti Semitism was created by jews himself..

  7. blanket statement is wrong Mr yusof.I am interested to know where you got that idea from. If you come over here to the other hemisphere, do you know who is the staunchest voice opposing the Gaza attack by Israel, doing rallies, and bravely challenge the Israel government? Its the orthodox Jews.It is against the teachings of the Torah ( their book). It is humbling and speaks volumes about stereotyping people. Whom you wanna hate is the zionists ( who aim for a secular state of Israel, but not at all practicing the Torah), not the jews.

    besides, the jews make wicked kosher smoked meat. :)

    In general, perlulah bersikap adil dalam membenci :)

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